Why Auto Painting is Best Left to The Pros

If you’ve been thinking about doing your own auto painting, you probably should think again. Auto painting is more difficult than painting a house, and if you’re inexperienced, you’re likely to experience hassle as you learn how to go about the task. Here are a few reasons why auto painting is really a professional job.

Why Auto Painting is Best Left to The Pros

Auto Painting Requires Multiple Coats

You have to apply the primer, at least one coat of paint color, and a clear coat on top to protect against chips. This is time-consuming and laborious, but you need all three coats to protect against exposed metal from chips. Exposed metal leads to rust spots, which can develop into holes.

Auto Painting Requires Complete Rust Removal

Before applying the primer, you’ll have to remove every speck of rust. Even very small amounts of trapped rust underneath paint can cause problems over time. It’s a more difficult task than just grinding off most of the rust.

The Vehicle Comes Apart For Painting

If you imagine yourself spray painting an intact car, you’ve got the wrong idea. You’ll have to remove every piece that is removable and spray paint each piece. If you don’t use this approach, you’ll get paint color on parts that aren’t supposed to have it.

Auto Paint Takes Forever to Dry

Auto paint takes not hours, not days, but weeks to dry fully. With at least three coats needed, the whole painting process is a long-term project. Auto Painting Professionals use special paint booths to dry paint much faster.

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