19 Sep
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Car Body Repairs: Are Your Tires in Good Shape?

Your tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle because they are the only things that actually attach your vehicle to the road. This makes it crucial to always keep an eye on their condition. Experts say that you should check on your tires at least once a month, if not more. Make your tires a top priority when it comes to your car body repairsCar Body Repairs: Are Your Tires in Good Shape?

Tire Condition 

When checking on tire condition, you want to pay close attention to things like balding, cuts. cracks, and/or tread separation. Any of these things will make driving hazardous. As time passes, it is inevitable that you will eventually need to replace the tires on your vehicle. In some cases, a damaged tire can be repaired, but in most cases, you are better off just replacing it. Never wait to address an issue with a tire because you will not only be jeopardizing your safety and the safety of your passengers, but you could be causing further damage to your vehicle.

Tire Pressure 

On top of checking tire condition, it is imperative that you check on tire pressure levels as well. You should know exactly what PSI levels your tires should be at, and always adjust them accordingly if needed. Under-inflated tires will put you at a greater risk of getting a flat or having a blowout, and they can cause extensive and unnecessary wear. Most people don’t realize that under-inflated tires will actually cause your vehicle to burn more gas, too.

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19 Aug
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Don’t Put Off Your Windshield Replacement

You’re driving along, minding your own business and all of a sudden, someone’s car slings a rock in your direction. You have that moment of panic where you hit the brake because this could be it. The time that your windshield takes a hit. Don't Put Off Your Windshield ReplacementThen you hear it, the dreaded whack!

You hope it will be one of those rock chips that doesn’t spread. But it usually does. All across your windshield. It now joins the two other chips that you received driving through that construction for ten miles last summer. You put those off because they weren’t in your line of vision but now it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start over.

Whether it’s a crack that resembles lightning across the horizon or one that was a result of a stray golf ball, at Best In Show Collision Repair, we’ve got you covered. We have highly skilled technicians who have windshield replacement down to a science. We provide the highest quality glass and sealants at competitive prices to ensure that you will have a long-lasting result, without breaking the bank.

For your convenience, contact us online or by phone to schedule your appointment today. We also have direct billing to insurance companies and as always, a lifetime guarantee!

When the nicks, chips, or cracks you’ve postponed getting fixed for so long are gone, it will be like being behind the wheel of a new car!

11 Jul
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Why Auto Painting is Best Left to The Pros

If you’ve been thinking about doing your own auto painting, you probably should think again. Auto painting is more difficult than painting a house, and if you’re inexperienced, you’re likely to experience hassle as you learn how to go about the task. Here are a few reasons why auto painting is really a professional job.

Why Auto Painting is Best Left to The Pros

Auto Painting Requires Multiple Coats

You have to apply the primer, at least one coat of paint color, and a clear coat on top to protect against chips. This is time-consuming and laborious, but you need all three coats to protect against exposed metal from chips. Exposed metal leads to rust spots, which can develop into holes.

Auto Painting Requires Complete Rust Removal

Before applying the primer, you’ll have to remove every speck of rust. Even very small amounts of trapped rust underneath paint can cause problems over time. It’s a more difficult task than just grinding off most of the rust.

The Vehicle Comes Apart For Painting

If you imagine yourself spray painting an intact car, you’ve got the wrong idea. You’ll have to remove every piece that is removable and spray paint each piece. If you don’t use this approach, you’ll get paint color on parts that aren’t supposed to have it.

Auto Paint Takes Forever to Dry

Auto paint takes not hours, not days, but weeks to dry fully. With at least three coats needed, the whole painting process is a long-term project. Auto Painting Professionals use special paint booths to dry paint much faster.

Best In Show Collision Repair has over 35 years of experience painting vehicles. To have your vehicle painted the right way, please contact us.

13 May
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Collision Repair by Best in Show Collision Repair

Collision Repair by Best in Show Collision RepairOpen since 1978 and family run, Best in Show Collision has thousands of satisfied customers. Come meet the family and let us show you why so many choose Best in Show Collision Repair for all their automotive repair needs. What makes Best in Show Collision Repair the best choice is our commitment to restore your car to its pre-collision beauty and to make the entire process stress-free. To find out how we can serve you, contact us today!

Why Best in Show Collision Repair?

  • Auto Body and Collision Repair
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Hail Damage Repair
  • I-Car Certified Expert Technicians

When you buy a new car,  you love the way it looks. Over time, the weather can take a toll on your car’s appearance,  though. You may begin to consider getting those grocery cart dings fixed and get the paint job freshened up. Paintless dent repair is an economical choice, since it requires no repainting. The dents and dings are gently tapped out of your car by hand with specialized tools by a skilled professional that is I-Car certified.

Collision Repair

Bring your Viper to The Snake Pit! We have been repairing Dodge Vipers since 1996! Viper owners are in a class by themselves. At Best in Show, we can relate to your pride. When you bring your car to Best in Show Collision, a resident Dodge Viper expert will give you an estimate before any work begins. Bring your beauty to our I-Car certified Viper technician in The Snake Pit!

Want to freshen up your car’s look? Whether you want to add some racing stripes, change out the wing/spoiler, add a ground effects package, our skilled Viper technicians in The Snake Pit will make your car look the way you want it to. Having car problems and need a tow truck? No problem! At Best in Show Collision, we also offer towing for your car to Best in Show Collision Repair.

2 May
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Why Quality Windshield Replacement Is A Priority

Many of us likely take our windshields for granted. When they are in good working order, it’s easy to forget how important the windshield is to the functioning of our vehicle. After being involved in a car accident, many people rush to get their windshields replaced without thinking of the consequences. While obviously containing no moving parts or machinery, the windshield is integral to the safety of ourselves and fellow passengers.

Why Quality Windshield Replacement Is A Priority

According to, the windshield accounts for 60% of the structural support strength to the vehicle cabin in a rollover accident. One risk you incur by driving a car with an improperly installed windshield is ejection during a vehicle collision such as a rollover. This would happen when the windshield literally pops out from its place, leaving you exposed and vulnerable. And because the windshield provides so much structural support for the vehicle, the roof could also cave in on you during a similar accident. The force of your car’s airbags is yet another way to dislodge your windshield in an accident. Clearly, a violent collision is the worst possible time to discover that your windshield has been improperly installed.

Here at Best in Show Collision, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our windshield replacements. Our certified technicians install the highest quality glass and sealants. Only have a small crack or chip blocking your vision? Don’t let it interfere with your driving any longer, we offer professional windshield repair as well. Contact us for a free, no obligation estimate, or visit our website to learn more about our other auto body and collision repair services.

15 Apr
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Auto Hail Repair Is Here When Mother Nature Rains On Your Parade

There is all manner of horrible things that can happen to your car, from wrecks all the way down to a bird in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some things are easy to avoid, while others are not. Sometimes, it seems as though mother nature herself is out to get you. Leave your car exposed at the wrong time, and that beautiful piece of machinery that you worked so hard for transforms into a dented mess in the blink of an eye.

Auto Hail Repair Is Here When Mother Nature Rains On Your Parade

Fortunately for you, Best In Show Collision Repair has a long track record of returning former beauties to their bright and shiny, dent free selves. With over three decades of outstanding service, and technicians that undergo years of training, your car will be in excellent hands.

After a hailstorm, when your car looks like a World War I battlefield, you can rest assured that Best In Show Collision Repair can and will get it looking like new again. By hand-tooling the various dents and dings, you can keep your original paint and finish, and all for a mere fraction of the cost of conventional repair. Pricing for auto hail repair can vary depending on the location and severity of the damage.

If the weather has been less than kind to you, or if you have run into any other unfortunate incidents that have scarred the beauty of your vehicle, please feel free to come by for a free estimate! You can also contact us by phone or online to schedule an appointment today!

25 Aug
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Paint Repair Perfectionists

Paint Repair PerfectionistsAnyone in the automotive industry will tell you, the secret to excellent paint repair is all about the preparation, and that the devil really is in the details. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Before a drop of paint is ever applied to a car, the prep work must happen. The better the prep work, the better the paint job, and this process should take time. Unfortunately, new glossy paint will reveal every bump and imperfection, and is the reason why a meticulous sanding job is essential to a great paint repair.

The car must be perfectly cleaned of any grease, or dirt, then the trim has to be removed, and the vehicle has to be sanded. Once the vehicle is cleaned and sanded, it must be cleaned again to remove dust particles, and any additional dirt. Bondo (usually a fiberglass/polyester resin filler with a hardener) will be added into any dents, dings, or scratches, to ensure the surface is level and even. After the bondo has cured, the vehicle will need to be sanded again. Then the vehicle must be masked to ensure that the paint is only applied to the desired areas, and cleaned yet again.

After the first coat dries a second coat can be applied, and then dried. Then a third coat can follow. Usually after the third coat is applied a clear coat finishes the job; this is the step that will give the car a nice shine. Then the car will be “baked” or dried. Once the car has been completely dried the masking material can be removed and the paint job is finally done.

Hard work, experience, hours of preparation, and skill are absolutely mandatory for an excellent paint job. So please contact us today and see how perfectionists with over 35 years of experience can make your car like new again with excellent paint repair, collision repair, auto detailing, and hail-damage paintless dent repair.

About Us

Our expertise allows us to work on the most demanding of collision repair projects… But we specialize in every make and model car, truck, and SUV. Doing it right is our passion. Best in Show has been active member and sponsor of the North Texas Viper Club and Viper Club of America since 2004. Please contact Rod or visit our “Snake Pit” section for any Viper assistance.

Collision Repair

When your principal means of transportation is put in jeopardy, you want your vehicle fixed correctly and fixed quickly. We understand how difficult it can be to have no ride to work or leisure activities, and how embarrassing it is to drive around with visible damage to your automobile. Best in Show Collision Repair will provide you with the utmost care and have you back on the road in no time at all.

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