17 Oct
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3 Tips to Save Money on Your Windshield Replacement

Dealing with a crack or chip in your windshield can be a big pain. Windshield damage can be caused by all sorts of things, such as a rock flying up and hitting your windshield when you’re driving behind someone else on the highway or a piece of lawn debris being flung onto your car when a neighbor is cutting the grass. Regardless of why you have a damaged windshield, however, it isn’t something that you should ignore; driving with a damaged windshield is illegal in many places and can result in a citation, and it can be incredibly dangerous, too. Just because you know that a windshield replacement is a necessity doesn’t mean that you are looking forward to paying for it, however. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can reduce the costs. Try these tips to save on your windshield replacement.

3 Tips to Save Money on Your Windshield Replacement

1. Don’t Replace if You Don’t Have To

Even though you might automatically assume that a damaged windshield has to be replaced, this is not always the case. For the minor damage, an auto glass repair shop might be able to make a repair instead. If this is done by the right shop and is done correctly, your windshield should look like new and be fully safe. However, it can be a lot more affordable.

2. Let Your Insurance Company Handle the Bill

Check your auto insurance coverage — chances are good that your insurer will cover the damage, depending on your policy. Letting your insurance company cut the check can be a nice change!

3. Choose the Right Shop

Choosing the right shop for your windshield repair or replacement is important. If you are looking for a shop that you can count on for affordable yet reliable service, contact us at Best in Show Collision Repair today. Not only do we offer full windshield repair and replacement services, but we offer other body repair services  to get your vehicle back into good shape again, too.

30 Sep
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Auto Hail Repair: Making Your Vehicle Look New Again

The weather’s unpredictability often causes havoc to everything in its path. Hail storms are particularly destructive. Whether from a short-lived storm or a long-lasting tempest, hail damages a significant number of automobiles across the country every year, with our home state of Texas being one of the hardest hit.

Auto Hail Repair: Making Your Vehicle Look New Again

In fact, even just one storm with hailstones — irregular lumps of ice — can damage thousands of vehicles before dissipating. This can turn into a significant and expensive problem for all auto owners, which is why our experts specialize in paintless auto hail repair. Our certified technicians have the skills to remove individual dents and dings to make your vehicle look like new again. By retaining your original paint and finish, this process keeps your cost low.

Still, we understand your daily concerns about costs, so we also strive to keep our rates competitive. The average cost of removing minor dents and dings ranges from $50 to $150, depending on the size, depth, and where the damage has taken place. If necessary, we can arrange special pricing for more excessive hail damage. We’ll work with you to get you what you need.

Best in Show Collision Repair is family owned and has been in business for over 35 years. We’re a well-known and respected repair facility that you can trust. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time and quality service, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Contact us at Best in Show Collision Repair for more information about auto hail repair or stop by our business for a free estimate.

19 Sep
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Car Body Repairs: Are Your Tires in Good Shape?

Your tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle because they are the only things that actually attach your vehicle to the road. This makes it crucial to always keep an eye on their condition. Experts say that you should check on your tires at least once a month, if not more. Make your tires a top priority when it comes to your car body repairsCar Body Repairs: Are Your Tires in Good Shape?

Tire Condition 

When checking on tire condition, you want to pay close attention to things like balding, cuts. cracks, and/or tread separation. Any of these things will make driving hazardous. As time passes, it is inevitable that you will eventually need to replace the tires on your vehicle. In some cases, a damaged tire can be repaired, but in most cases, you are better off just replacing it. Never wait to address an issue with a tire because you will not only be jeopardizing your safety and the safety of your passengers, but you could be causing further damage to your vehicle.

Tire Pressure 

On top of checking tire condition, it is imperative that you check on tire pressure levels as well. You should know exactly what PSI levels your tires should be at, and always adjust them accordingly if needed. Under-inflated tires will put you at a greater risk of getting a flat or having a blowout, and they can cause extensive and unnecessary wear. Most people don’t realize that under-inflated tires will actually cause your vehicle to burn more gas, too.

Contact us today to find out more about our auto body services.

6 Sep
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When Should You Consider Auto Painting?

Has a new paint job for your car or truck been on your mind? Are you wondering if it’s worth the investment? If any of the following applies to you, you’re likely to end up glad you had your vehicle painted. Not everyone should consider auto painting their vehicle but if you are stuck as to whether or not you should, we’ve listed our top considerations on the subject.

When Should You Consider Auto Painting?You’ve Had An Accident

If you’ve been in an accident, you’ll need auto painting as well as collision repair to restore the vehicle to its previous state. Even if the accident was minor, a small area of chipped paint can get worse over time.

Your Vehicle Has Scratches

If your vehicle has scratches that expose the metal under the paint, you’ll need auto painting. This is because the metal part rusts when exposed, which can result in holes over time.

You Want to Increase Your Vehicle’s Value

If you’re going to sell, a nice coat of new paint adds value to a vehicle, and you can raise the sale price. It’s reasonable to raise the price over the cost of the painting job, which results in you profiting.

You Just Don’t Like The Vehicle’s Color

When you like the color of your vehicle, you can drive more confidently and be happier with your investment. If you want to buy a certain car but can’t find it in a nice color, auto painting is an easy solution.

Your Vehicle’s Paint is Dull or Faded

If you’ve owned your vehicle for a while and the paint faded, you should consider auto painting. A paint job will make the vehicle appear new again.

Best In Show Collision Repair has been painting vehicles for over 35 years. We have the skills, tools, and experience to create stunning results. To find out more about our auto painting service, please contact us.

19 Aug
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Don’t Put Off Your Windshield Replacement

You’re driving along, minding your own business and all of a sudden, someone’s car slings a rock in your direction. You have that moment of panic where you hit the brake because this could be it. The time that your windshield takes a hit. Don't Put Off Your Windshield ReplacementThen you hear it, the dreaded whack!

You hope it will be one of those rock chips that doesn’t spread. But it usually does. All across your windshield. It now joins the two other chips that you received driving through that construction for ten miles last summer. You put those off because they weren’t in your line of vision but now it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start over.

Whether it’s a crack that resembles lightning across the horizon or one that was a result of a stray golf ball, at Best In Show Collision Repair, we’ve got you covered. We have highly skilled technicians who have windshield replacement down to a science. We provide the highest quality glass and sealants at competitive prices to ensure that you will have a long-lasting result, without breaking the bank.

For your convenience, contact us online or by phone to schedule your appointment today. We also have direct billing to insurance companies and as always, a lifetime guarantee!

When the nicks, chips, or cracks you’ve postponed getting fixed for so long are gone, it will be like being behind the wheel of a new car!

5 Aug
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Paintless Dent Repair: An Affordable Alternative

As the owner of a vehicle, whether it is a brand new model or an older classic car, many times dings and dents can occur that detract from the overall appeal and looks of the vehicle. Although you want these dents repaired, you do not want to spend tons of money paying a body shop to have them pulled out, repaired, then repainted. Often, however, these dents can be repaired using paintless dent repair.

Paintless Dent Repair: An Affordable Alternative

If these dents are shallow and the collision was soft enough that the paint remained intact, then they are ideal candidates for this repair procedure. These types of dents often affect the outer clear coat layer only and their damage is mostly aesthetic in nature.

Paintless dent removal approaches the dent from the inside, although this may seem a bit complicated with the limited space available, it can be quite simple for a professional. A pro can evaluate the vehicle and come up with the best solution to get it back to where it should be or even better. They have the specialized tools required to do this job professionally and know how to access the damaged area quickly without unnecessarily breaking trim or interior paneling.

The repair technician uses these specialized tools from the inside by applying the proper amount and shape of pressure to the damaged area. Often, the technician will simultaneously hold other tools against the outside surface to prevent the dent from being pushed out too far. After the dent is returned to its original location and is properly aligned, they will buff it and the surrounding area to blend these areas together again.

Although this type of dent repair is not applicable for every scenario in body work, especially after the damage has occurred from a major accident, this is a quick and affordable alternative to the small, soft dents that often occur from everyday use of an automobile. If your car is potentially in need of these paintless repair services, please feel free to contact us for more information.

21 Jul
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The “Snake Pit” for Expert Viper Repair

The Viper is a modern interpretation of a 1960’s race car, the highly renowned Shelby Daytona Coupe. This handmade automobile has made a lasting impression on a distinctive audience that understands and appreciates the special qualities that this car has to offer. Advertised as the “Great American Super Car,” the  Viper has often been compared to a fine piece of art.  Its graceful lines and stunning colors stand second only to the powerful engine and superb performance capabilities that this beautiful car has to offer.

The “Snake Pit” for Expert Viper Repair

The Viper is for the car connoisseur who thinks outside the box; the enthusiast who takes pride in the car’s unharnessed power, and who has respect each impressive detail under the hood, on the interior, and on the car’s exterior.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a 2016 hand-built, Dodge Viper ACR is $118,785.  This is one of the many reasons why Viper owners are reluctant to hire repairs by garages that are not qualified to work on these cars.

The best Dodge Viper mechanic is the one who is familiar with the Viper inside and out.  It is a person who has owned Vipers, has driven them and who appreciates the differences between these cars and all others.

If you live in the Dallas metro area and own a Dodge Viper, only trust your car to the competent and experienced  hands of the Best in Show Collision Repair.  The “Snake Pit” is specially equipped to handle any needed repairs on your car and can have it road ready in no time flat.

Please contact us for further information on Viper repair.

11 Jul
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Why Auto Painting is Best Left to The Pros

If you’ve been thinking about doing your own auto painting, you probably should think again. Auto painting is more difficult than painting a house, and if you’re inexperienced, you’re likely to experience hassle as you learn how to go about the task. Here are a few reasons why auto painting is really a professional job.

Why Auto Painting is Best Left to The Pros

Auto Painting Requires Multiple Coats

You have to apply the primer, at least one coat of paint color, and a clear coat on top to protect against chips. This is time-consuming and laborious, but you need all three coats to protect against exposed metal from chips. Exposed metal leads to rust spots, which can develop into holes.

Auto Painting Requires Complete Rust Removal

Before applying the primer, you’ll have to remove every speck of rust. Even very small amounts of trapped rust underneath paint can cause problems over time. It’s a more difficult task than just grinding off most of the rust.

The Vehicle Comes Apart For Painting

If you imagine yourself spray painting an intact car, you’ve got the wrong idea. You’ll have to remove every piece that is removable and spray paint each piece. If you don’t use this approach, you’ll get paint color on parts that aren’t supposed to have it.

Auto Paint Takes Forever to Dry

Auto paint takes not hours, not days, but weeks to dry fully. With at least three coats needed, the whole painting process is a long-term project. Auto Painting Professionals use special paint booths to dry paint much faster.

Best In Show Collision Repair has over 35 years of experience painting vehicles. To have your vehicle painted the right way, please contact us.

24 Jun
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Don’t Ignore Your Vehicle’s Hail Damage

Don't Ignore Your Vehicle's Hail DamageIf your vehicle is currently showing signs of hail damage, you might be putting off doing anything about it. However, you shouldn’t ignore your car’s hail damage; instead, you should stop by Best in Show Collision Repair to find out what we can do about it.

The Damage Could Escalate

Don’t assume that the dents will remain as they are. Once your clear coat is chipped, you have to worry about your vehicle rusting in the areas where there is hail damage. The damage is only going to get worse if you don’t do something about it now.

Your Vehicle’s Value Could Be Affected

If you decide to sell your car or trade it in, you might find that the hail damage will affect things more than you think. People don’t want to purchase cars with little dents and dings, especially not at full price. Having the problem repaired by a professional can help you restore its value, however.

You Deserve for Your Car to Look Its Best

You deserve for your car to look its best, and it can’t look its best if there is hail damage. Having this damage repaired by Best in Show Collision Repair can help you feel proud of your vehicle again.

If your vehicle has dents and dings from hail damage, you shouldn’t keep ignoring the problem. You do have options, including paintless dent repair and other body repair options. To find out more about getting your hail damage fixed, contact us at Best in Show Collision Repair.

10 Jun
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3 Aspects of Outstanding Auto Painting

Clean lines, piercing shine, and smooth, silky coats are what make for a beautiful paint job. How does it happen? There are a few aspects involved in auto painting that make it outstanding. Read on to find out more.

3 Aspects of Outstanding Auto Painting


Before a lick of paint hits the car, perfect preparation is absolutely necessary. This involves recognizing dents and scratches, filling low spots, and sanding correctly. This ensures an even and smooth surface upon which we apply the paint. Add to that cleaning for best adhesion, masking to prevent overspray, and priming. Knowing the right tools for each job and using them correctly is imperative. There is a lot that goes on during preparation that ensures the paint job comes out looking its best.


The right materials can make all the difference. Auto painting involves using various materials. Each one, from the sandpaper and plastic to the primer and paint must be of the best quality and be suitable for the task(s) at hand.

Experience and Passion

Probably the most important aspect of great auto painting is the experience and passion brought to the job by the painter. Experienced painters who bring integrity to their work know how best to prepare, what tools to use, and how to apply the best materials. They treat each project with the same care and attention as the one before it. Proper training, application of trade skills, and a passion for a beautiful outcome are the markings of a great painter.

Many intricacies take an okay auto painting job and elevate it into an exemplary one. Quality materials, perfect preparation, and experience and passion all have their parts to play. At Best In Show, we know what it takes to produce the best. For more information on what makes our auto painting outstanding, or to make an appointment, please contact us.

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